Foster the People

With special guest: Tokyo Police Club

Photos by Merideth C. & Review by Dave G.

Foster the People rocked a highly exited crowd at the Fillmore in Detroit on June 17. I was really impressed with the stage setup for this tour in support of their debut album “Torches.” The backdrop was a glowing cityscape in a hand-drawn style. A huge round video screen hovered on the left side of the stage with imaginative faces, eyes, hearts, and live projections on it. At one point a door opened in the middle of the screen and a man in a space suit with cartoon flames on his head leaned out over the crowd. Several small inflated characters where on stage and one really large one later in the show.

All of the stage theatrics created a perfect vibe for the up-tempo jams from Foster the People. Lead singer Mark Foster showed off a lot of his signature dance moves. The rest of the band never stopped moving and dancing the entire show.

One of the coolest moments was when show opener Kimbra came on stage to sing “Warrior,” a song that she collaborated on with Mark Foster and A-Trak. With collaborations, media deals, and the continued hype from their single “Pumped Up Kicks,” it will be interesting to see what the next move is for Foster the People. Their debut is now almost a year and a half old, and they are currently working on their sophomore effort. With a live performance this fun, I believe that they have a great future ahead of them.

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Set List

Download songs from this set list by clicking the iTunes icon!

  1. Miss You Miss You - Torches
  2. Life on the Nickel Life On the Nickel - Torches
  3. Helena Beat Helena Beat - Torches
  4. Broken Jaw Broken Jaw - Torches
  5. I Would Do Anything For You I Would Do Anything for You - Torches
  6. Waste Waste - Torches
  7. Love (Not Available On iTunes)
  8. Call it What You Want Call It What You Want - Torches
  9. Don't Stop (Color On the Walls) Don't Stop (Color On the Walls) - Torches
  10. Warrant Warrant - Torches
  11. Warrior (Not Available On iTunes)
  12. Houdini Houdini - Torches Encore:
  13. Ruby (New Song Not Available On iTunes)
  14. Pumped Up Kicks Pumped Up Kicks - Torches

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