The Replacements

Photos by Merideth C.

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Set List

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The Replacements are known for changing up their sets mid concert. This list includes everything they had on their setlist on stage, even optional songs. Not likely what they actually played.

  1. Takin' a Ride
  2. Favorite Thing
  3. Color Me Impressed
  4. Treatment Bound
  5. Hey Good Lookin'
  6. Waitress in the Sky
  7. Valentine
  8. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
  9. Take M Down to the Hospital
  10. Sixteen Blue
  11. The Ledge
  12. Nobody
  13. Achin' to Be
  14. Kiss Me on the Bus
  15. Androgynous
  16. I Will Dare
  17. White and Lazy
  18. Maybellene
  19. Whole Foods
  20. Another Girl, Another Planet
  21. Within Your Reach
  22. Can't Hardly Wait
  23. Bastards of Young
  24. Never Mind
  25. Left of the Dial
  26. Alex Chilton
  27. Skyway
  28. I.O.U.

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